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Welcome to Quantum Fridge Audio, home of guerilla radio: small, independent, under-funded, under-resourced and facing impossible odds. We likes a challenge, we does.

We produce pseudo-radio comedy shows which can be accessed through this website or the links on the left-hand side.

We aim to put something out more or less every week (think of that as a legal disclaimer…) whether it be a full episode of one of our hilarious comedy shows or just a few minutes of some random weirdness to make you laugh.

So check back regularly or follow us on Twitter to find out what’s…

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Episode 5 Released!

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Watch the Skies!

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At long last, the eagerly-awaited and publicly-demanded Episode 5 of Watch The Skies hits the streets. Strange things are afoot at Mt McCaber and not everyone is coming out of this one intact.


Jack Standish

Unleashed Now!

Unleashed Now!

Unleashed Now!

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