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Perched high on a mountain in the Cairngorms, the scientists of the Mt McCaber Observatory guard us against alien invasion. Their mission is to - Watch the Skies!

A group of social misfits find themselves washed up in the corridors of the Mt McCaber Space Institute, a decrepit Government installation perched precariously on the slopes of an isolated mountain in the Scottish Highlands. The product of a 1950’s bureaucratic error, the Institute is tasked with defending Britain against the possible threat of alien invasion. Over time it has become a dumping ground for failed technological innovations and individuals who have nowhere else to hide. The staff members’ inability to form meaningful relationships is further complicated by falling asteroids, alien infiltration, space warps and surprise visits from government inspectors.

WTS Episode 1

Episode 1 :


WTS Episode 2

Episode 2:

 Leveraging Synergy

WTS Episode 3

Episode 3:

Attack of the Zomboyos

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WTS Xmas Episode

Christmas Special:

Return to the Forbidden Plantagenet

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WTS Episode 4

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Episode 4:

Saffron Starr

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WTS Extras

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WTS Episode 5

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Episode 5:

Strewth! Or Fiction?

Almost In Production

Episode 6:

To Be Announced