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There was a time before Netflix, a time before even TV, when radio reigned supreme and children all over the World, or at least the important bit - Great Britain - badgered their fathers every Saturday night, just after the football results, to crank up the vacuum tubes and re-tune the family’s Marconi receiver so they could listen once more to the thrilling, and only marginally fictionalised, adventures of national hero and super-spy, Jack Standish, the British Lion, a man who made Bulldog Drummond look like a milk-sop and Richard Hannay look like a gentleman.

Recently discovered in a secret Government archive, where the original acetate phonograph recordings had slipped behind a filing cabinet, these classic adventures have now been digitised, tonally enhanced and finally released for the enjoyment of a whole new generation of closet Imperialists. Now, for the first time since they were last broadcast, the nation’s youth can thrill once again to the stirring tales of one man’s battle to protect the people, the values and, above all, the territory of the British Empire.

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Series  1 :

Standish And Deliver!

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Whole Adventure Available!

 Jack Standish is a “Mini-Series” in the style of classic pulp-adventure radio broadcasts, made up of episodes about 10 minutes long, usually with some sort of cliff-hanger ending.

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Series  2 :

Standish Room Only!

Whole Adventure Available!